Vehicle Loss or Damage

In the unfortunate situation that there is damage to the rental unit upon your return, we wanted you to know how those situations will be handled. Our goal is to be as up front, and clear as possible so there are no surprises. If you have Any questions regarding this information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


An estimate/appraisal will be done to determine repair and replacement costs to the unit. Estimates/appraisals requiring more than one hour to complete will be charged at our standard shop labor rate.


We charge manufacturer retail prices for all replacement parts required to put the vehicle back into new condition. This includes body parts, interior finish parts, nuts, screws, fasteners, sealants, etc. We will give you a detailed listing of the parts we use. If the parts are not an item that we normally stock, you will also be charged for freight and expedited delivery. It is necessary that the vehicle be placed back into a serviceable condition as quickly as possible. All parts and supply charges are taxable.


We charge our standard shop labor rate. We charge for labor in 15-minute increments and bill you accordingly.


Some repairs require the assistance of a body shop for paint, sidewall repair, buffing, polishing, etc. We use either our own internal body shop, or an outside shop depending on which is less expensive and more time efficient. If sending to an outside shop, you will also be responsible for the transportation costs to and from the shop.


You will be charged a nightly rate for the time the vehicle will be out of service due to repairs or replacements required by the damage caused. The nightly rate is calculated by taking the “Base Rental Rate” from the contract, and dividing by the number of nights on the contract (rounded up). For example, if your base rental rate is $865 and your contract is for 7 nights, then the nightly rate would calculate to $124 per night. To calculate loss of use (out of service time), we take into account parts not on hand (interior parts often have to be manufactured at the factory and shipped to us) as well as the time for repair and replacement of those parts. IMPORTANT! If the vehicle cannot be prepared for rental or sale by the afternoon of your return,you will be charged at least one night of loss of use (out of service time). Major damage can put a vehicle out of service for 30days or more.


You are also responsible for the cost of towing, recovery, storage or any other fees related to the vehicle loss or damage. Awnings on all rental units are disconnected to minimize the likelihood of damage.


We have contracted with an outside, independent firm to aid us in handling damage claims. There will be an administrative fee for handling damage claims. The minimum administrative fee is $50 and the maximum is $250.00. This fee is based on the total amount of the repairs/replacements required.